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These interpretative schemes concern the framing of the problem and the possible solutions or criteria that solutions should meet. These interpretations consist of specific norms, concepts and terms; discourses are thus based on expectations, but are expressed through the jargon or language that is used by actors within the sphere of authority. The discourse dimension is strongly related to the dimensions of actors, power and power relations and the rules of the game. Actors are the ‘carriers’ of the discourses, because they express and reproduce the dominant discourse through their language and during interaction with other actors.

The redefinition of the concept sphere of authority broadened the scope of the concept considerably. Its scope is even broadened to such an extent, that policy arrangements are now one element of a sphere of authority. The meaning of the concept policy arrangement has remained the same although it has now a stronger link with the output and outcome of policy practices. The concept of rule systems has not returned in the redefinition of the sphere of authority concept. Again, the scope of the concept sphere of authority was broadened to such 34  Sphere of authority Substance and organization Results Power Rules Who greens the waves?

1, it was argued that changes in governance manifest themselves in different properties, namely an increase in the diversity of actors that is involved in governance, the increasing spread of decision making along different governance levels, the increased diversity of rules that shape governance practices and an increased diversity in the steering mechanisms that are used within governance. That is why in this thesis, the process of political modernization will be delineated to these four shifts in governance.

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