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It is possible repeatedly then to make corrections and to attempt improvements over the full course of the publication of this work. XXXV11 3. Permissions. Harvard University Press and the Loeb Classical Library have granted permission (Reference Number 922135) to Edward Rose and the Wairing Room Press to reprint the following passages: Aristotle, On the Heavens, I, iii, 270b, 10-24, translated by W. K. C. , Harvard University Press, 1939. Hesiod, Works and Days, 174-179, translated by H. G. , Harvard University Press, 1914.

This work on The Werald tells how the world is prepared to tell and to show what's going on, what's so, indeed everything there is to know about itself, even and especially whatever you especially may want to know. I A THIRD GLOSS THE TALK Read here a gloss on the glossing practices of people. People talk. They find things to talk about. Whatever anyone may say is a gloss, is a comment somehow worth making. Comments that people make certainly are worth hearing, most certainly in studies of people, for those comments make available the given sense of things.

Indeed like other natural languages, English has been carefully designed and tested to serve as a technical language in all basic programs of inquiry into that world of people. Questions and answers are best expressed in such a natural language as English. All forms of commentary go well in English, especially stories told by inhabitants. English, like other natural languages, does provide for clear presentations of theorical formulations. English is an ideal technical language for use in this study.

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