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By Robert J. Malcuit

This publication explains the way it got here to be that Venus and Earth, whereas very comparable in chemical composition, zonation, measurement and heliocentric distance from the solar, are very various in floor environmental stipulations. it really is argued the following that those adjustments may be accounted for by means of planetoid catch tactics and the following evolution of the planet-satellite procedure. Venus captured a one-half moon-mass planetoid early in its historical past within the retrograde path and underwent its “fatal charm state of affairs” with its satellite tv for pc (Adonis). Earth, nevertheless, captured a moon-mass planetoid (Luna) early in its heritage in prograde orbit and underwent a benign estrangement state of affairs with its captured satellite.

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I would like to use the subsequent FU Orionis stage of solar evolution (Bell et al 2000; Calvet et al. 2000) for the radiant energy for remelting of the magma ocean region of Luna, for remelting all of 4 Vesta, as well as for remelting all or part of the other purported Vulcanoid planetoids. Bell et al. (2000) estimate that this FU Ori stage would occur about 10 million years or more after the end of chondrule formation and was probably finished within 100 Ma after time zero. The subsequent T-Tauri stage of solar evolution is characterized by a longer wavelength radiation and longer duration (Bell et al.

1975), Cline (1979), Szebehely and Evans (1980), and Nakazawa et al. (1983). Some of these capture scenarios involve three or four body interactions in which the effects of 40 3 Models for the Origin and Evolution of the Earth-Moon System Fig. 3 A simplified version of an intact prograde planetoid capture model. View is from the north pole of the Solar System. For “intact” prograde capture a full mass lunar body must be transferred from a heliocentric orbit to a geocentric orbit.

THE ORIGIN OF WATER ISSUE FOR THE EARTH AND VENUS: The origin of water for planet Earth is a major problem in the natural sciences (Robert 2001). The model that I am outlining here is a slightly modified version of the model of Albarede (2009). The Earth- Venus chondrite-planetoid debris (mainly enstatite chondrites) that accretes to make up the bodies of these planets is depleted in volatiles (including water) during the X-Wind/ Disk Wind Eras. There can be some water in that debris but not much relative to the inventory of water that the Earth has today.

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