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The general requirement is that the broad framework of management policy and objectives for the exploitation of a particular resource be defined explicitly. This should include such details as the volume extraction ratio sought for the orebody and how this might change in response to changing product prices. The company investment strategy should be made known, if only to indicate the thinking underlying the decision to mine an orebody. Particular corporate constraints on mining technique, such as policy on disturbance of the local physical environment above the mine area, and restrictions on geohydrological disturbance, should be defined.

5 Problem geometry for determination of plane principal stresses and their orientations. 24b yields the orientations ␣1 , ␣2 of the principal stress axes relative to the positive direction of the x axis. Calculation of the orientations of the major and minor plane principal stresses in this way associates a principal stress axis unambiguously with a principal stress magnitude. 23 to determine the orientation of a principal stress axis. It is to be noted that in specifying the state of stress in a body, there has been no reference to any mechanical properties of the body which is subject to applied load.

38) The matrix [D] is called the elasticity matrix or the matrix of elastic stiffnesses. For general anisotropic elasticity there are 21 independent stiffnesses. 37a indicates complete coupling between all stress and strain components. The existence of axes of elastic symmetry in a body de-couples some of the stress–strain relations, and reduces the number of independent constants required to define the material elasticity. In the case of isotropic elasticity, any arbitrarily oriented axis in the medium is an axis of elastic symmetry.

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