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Subretinal Fluid Depth The depth of subretinal fluid between the retinal hole and the underlying pigment epithelium is of particular importance to the surgeon. Although the depth in other sites, for example in bullous retinal detachment, the retina may overhang the disc, or may make observation of retinal holes more difficult, it is the immediate relationship of subretinal fluid to the retinal hole that is important. The depth of the fluid can easily be estimated when scleral depression is performed during the preoperative examination: the hole may be closed easily be gentle indentation, or it may be closed only by firm indentation, or it may not be possible to close it at all.

7 d). The margins of such areas may appear to be slightly elevated and the base of the erosion cratered in appearance. Small whitish tags of vitreous, often exactly similar to those overlying areas of classical lattice degeneration, are Lattice Degeneration 43 seen in most cases. There is no evidence that these areas are associated with retinal hole formation and retinal detachment, but they are often seen in eyes that contain lattice degeneration. , 1974). In its typical form, lattice degeneration consists of a sharply demarcated circumferentially orientated lesion located, usually, at the equator or in a pre-equatorial region (Fig.

Lens Position of Lens If the lens is sub luxated or even dislocated, as may be found in Marfan's syndrome or following trauma, difficulties may arise from accurate observation Retrolental Space 27 of the fundus periphery. The presence of intraocular lenses inserted during cataract surgery may make examination of the retina more difficult not only because of poor pupillary dilatation but also because these lenses cause distortion of the retinal view, a distortion that is further augmented by the annoying reflexes arising from the surface of the lens (Norton, 1976).

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