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By P. Woycicki

A cinema with no cameras, with out actors, with no display frames and with out narratives nearly sounds like an antithetical impossibility of what's frequently anticipated from a cinematic spectacle. This ebook defines an emergent box of post-cinematic theatre and function, difficult our assumptions and expectancies approximately theatre and picture.

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This is very visible in the works of the Wooster Group and Imitating the Dog. Linked to this is the notion of simultaneity. Specific moments or events that traditionally could be read as central carriers of meaning are no longer privileged. Post-cinematic theatre relates to this with multiple actions being performed at multiple times and spaces, potentially simultaneously mediated through live action and film. This ‘abandonment of totality’ (Lehmann 2006: 88) allows the audience to engage in a freer and potentially choice-driven response and structuring of the material.

At times this may have the effect of blurring these distinctions, as in the case of Hotel Methuselah, at other times differences are emphasised and film and theatre are set in dialectic opposition, as in the case of House/Lights or Wunschkonzert. It is also important to draw attention to the ongoing debate concerning the status and significance of the materiality of media. This notion of materiality is important here since most of the post-cinematic pieces discussed in the following chapters stage film, the one exception being Dogville.

The latter is a mode of perceiving the movie ‘as a series of smaller constituent elements’. ). 28 Post-Cinematic Theatre and Performance This approach is dependent on the focus a spectator chooses to adopt, whether they choose to focus on the whole and at all times reintegrate its constituent parts, pars par toto, or perceive the elements as potentially autonomous. The post-cinematic experience is somewhere between the holistic end-product and the excessive, ‘not yet organised’, material. This definition has strong affinities with the cultural phenomenon of ‘hypermediacy’ discussed in the previous section.

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