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A number of the articles during this factor contain: Iranian Kinship and Marriage by means of B. Spooner; Inscriptions of the Karraquan Mausoleums through Stern; Mahmud of Ghaza in modern Eyes by way of Bosworth; Blind Poets of Shiraz by way of Morrison; Pigeon Towers of Isfahan by means of Beazley; etc.;

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Independent Variables for Optical Surfacing Systems: Synthesis, Characterization and Application

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Теория кратных тригонометрических сумм

Излагается теория кратных тригонометрических сумм, построенная авторами в последние годы. На основе единого метода получаются оценки этих сумм, подобные классическим оценкам И. М. Виноградова, которые затем применяются к решению ряда проблем аналитической теории чисел. Исследуются тригоно¬метрические интегралы, которые часто встречаются в физике, математической статистике и анализе, приводятся чисто арифметические результаты, связанные с разрешимостью уравнений в целых числах.

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Smoothed inside. Handmade. Finger sweeps on outside. Deep bevelled rim bowl. Plain straw-tempered Coarse Ware. Red buff. Matte. Large white stone inclusions. Tablet fragment. Well-levigated clay. No visible inclusions. Reverse scraped clean. Tablet. Medium well-levigated clay. Some visible inclusions. Mica flakes. Surfaces fairly rough. Tablet. Well-levigated clay. No visible inclusions. Some mica flakes. Smokeblackened. Tablet. Poorly levigated. Some large inclusions visible. Mica flakes. Tablet.

After the Mongol invasion of the south, and in the closing months of the campaign in I275, the Sung ruler, fighting a losing battle, made a fatal error; he tried to confiscate P'u Shou-kAng'smerchant fleet at Ch'iian-chou, an attempt to which that affluent gentleman took immediate exception and promptly changed sides. He thereby maintained his financial security in as much as his fleet survived, and alsovery largely because he was not Chinese-he retained his post as superintendentof the shipping.

407. originally in the David Weill Collection, now in the Louvre, 24AncientIran, pp. 70-I. 25 Compare P. Amiet, Elam, pp. 498-501. P1. IIa here. 26 The figure in the upper panel, human in all save his bull's ears and horns, with curling sidelocks, belongs in the same tradition; but when he is shown, as in panel 2, with lionheads on each shoulder a fresh theme is evident that plays an enigmatic role among bronzes, cast and sheet, produced in Luristan in Iron Age II-IIIB. This triple-headed motif requiresfuller elucidation.

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