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In the Fifties and Sixties, H. L. A. Hart's writings have been answerable for the revitalizing of felony philosophy within the uk and world wide. during this new assortment, ten exceptional philosophers and felony theorists tackle the iconic value of Hart's paintings and focus upon a few of its extra overlooked features, together with his paintings on causation and the philosophy of motion. Two chapters speak about Hart and Honoré's Causation within the Law, a booklet that has been undeservedly ignored in lots of philosophical discussions of causation. The remaining chapters consider Hart's perspectives at the justification of punishment, his dislike of retribution, his declare that innocuous immorality shouldn't be punished and his look for a non-retributivist thought of mens rea and excuses. Also examined are Hart's definitions of key felony and philosophical recommendations, together with punishment, accountability and voluntariness, and his perspectives on punishing negligent acts.

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First, it is not clear that elucidating the honorific does require a reference to role-responsibility. 13 This way of explaining the honorific strikes me as artificial. Comparatively, Hart’s idea that a responsible person is one who takes her duties seriously seems far more basic than the idea that she is likely to be in a position to account satisfactorily for her conduct. Indeed, once a reference has been made to her taking her duties seriously, mention of the fact that she is well placed to answer for her actions seems superfluous.

152. , 150. 80 Introduction 27 prisoners could have left their cells, for there was nothing to stop them anymore. But imagine that only one prisoner hears the cell door being unlocked; the other is fast asleep. There is a sense in which only the prisoner who was aware of his opportunity for freedom could leave. This is the sense in which I cannot pull the ace of spades from a shuffled, face-down deck of cards, although, apart from my ignorance, nothing is stopping me from pulling out the right card.

38 Karin Boxer of moral liability-responsibility, on a person’s responsibility for his own acts or omissions. I further focus on criminal liability-responsibility and its moral counterpart. Hart thought it wise to separate the discussion of legal liability-responsibility from that of moral liability-responsibility. I think the same. 1 Legal liability-responsibility Hart’s treatment of legal liability-responsibility is the most detailed of his treatments of the different varieties of responsibility.

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