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A related question is whether the gradient is best conceived as a continuum or an ordered set of discrete values. Fuzzy set theory provides for both possibilities, although the continuum has received much the more favored and complete treatment in the theory itself. , "sort of in the category"), the claim that they are estimating numerical grades of membership or certainty, and a third view that they are using fuzzy numbers for their ratings. To my knowledge, no systematic empirical investigation of these three accounts of membership ratings has been attempted.

As such, they represent a more serious effort by fuzzy set theorists to establish a dialogue with several long-standing intellectual traditions in Western thought. The appearance of more publications along these lines may usher in the coming of age of this enfant terrible. Chapter 2: Is Fuzzy Set Theory Realistic? various Having discussed fuzzy set theories, it is reasonable to ask whether any of them have a sound basis in either philosophical reasoning or psychological reality. On the one hand, philosophical considerations are necessary in order for fuzzy set theory to be useful in theory building or data analysis.

19) pOB(A)(Y) = sUPxpoAB(x,y), where x is an element of A and y an element of B, while SUPyPOAB(X,y) means the largest value of pOAB(x,y) for all y in B, and suPx has an analogous meaning. A marginal possibility 48 distribution is a "shadow" cast by the joint distribution. 18) reduce to pOA(x) and pOB(y) respectively. 20) pOA(B)(x,y) = pOAB(X,y) [poA(x)/poB(y)] otherwise. An example may help to develop these concepts. In many organizations, salaried employees are hired in a certain position at some agreed salary level associated with that position.

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