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Elixir in motion teaches you to use the hot Elixir programming language to useful difficulties linked to scalability, concurrency, fault tolerance, and excessive availability.

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2 Functions A function must always be a part of a module. Function names follow the same conventions as variables: they start with a lowercase letter or underscore character, followed by a combination of alphanumerics and underscores. As with variables, function names can end with the characters ? and !. The ? character is often used to indicate a function that returns either true or false. Placing the character ! at the end of the name indicates a function that may raise a runtime error. Both of these are conventions, rather than rules, but it’s best to follow them and respect the community style.

Additionally, running on multiple machines makes the system truly resilient—if one machine crashes, others can take over. RESPONSIVENESS Runtime is specifically tuned to promote overall responsiveness of the system. I’ve mentioned that Erlang takes the execution of multiple processes into its own hands by employing dedicated schedulers that interchangeably execute many Erlang processes. A scheduler is preemptive—it gives a small execution window to each process and then pauses it and runs another process.

Valid_name? also_ok! This convention is more often used when naming functions. Data in Elixir is immutable: its contents can’t be changed. com> 22 CHAPTER 2 iex(3)> monthly_salary = 11000 11000 iex(4)> monthly_salary 11000 Building blocks Rebinds the initial value Verifies the effect of rebinding Rebinding doesn’t mutate the existing memory location. It reserves new memory and reassigns the symbolic name to the new location. NOTE You should always be aware of the fact that data is immutable. Once a memory location is occupied with data, it can’t be modified until it’s released.

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