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By A. I. Markushevich

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9 illustrates one stage of the decomposition of the LPT. An image can be reconstructed by the reverse procedure. Let G^ be the recovered Gaussian pyramid. Reconstruction requires all levels of the LPT, as ^ N : Thus the procedure is to set well as the top level of the Gaussian pyramid G ^ GN ¼ GN ; and for k , N; ^ kþ1 ^ k ¼ Lk þ 4v p ½G G "2 ð1:3Þ ^ 0 ; the reconstructed version of the original which can be used to compute G image G0 : The wavelet representation introduced by Mallat52 – 54 suggests that, for efficiency reasons, successive layers of the pyramid should include only the additional details, which are not already available at preceding levels.

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