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By Margaret J. Osler

This quantity examines the effect that Epicureanism and Stoicism, philosophies of nature and human nature articulated in the course of classical instances, exerted at the improvement of eu suggestion to the Enlightenment. even if the impression of those philosophies has usually been famous in definite components, reminiscent of the impact of Stoicism at the improvement of Christian concept and the impression of Epicureanism on glossy materialism, the chapters during this quantity ahead a brand new understanding of the measure to which those philosophies and their endured interplay trained ecu highbrow existence good into early sleek instances. The impact of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophies within the components of literature, philosophy, theology, and technology are thought of. Many thinkers proceed to understand those philosophies as major choices for knowing the human and average worlds. Having turn into integrated into the canon of philosophical choices, Epicureanism and Stoicism endured to exert identifiable impacts on clinical and philosphical inspiration no less than until eventually the center of the eighteenth century.

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24 (p. 341, Delarue); vol. 1, p. 74, 10 K6. (SVF, 2:146). See A. A. Long, Hellenistic Philosophy (London, 1974), p. " What the Stoics maintain is a resemblance between primordial elements of language and reality. See A. C. Lloyd, "Grammar and Metaphysics in the Stoa," in A. A. , Problems in Stoicism (London, 1971), Chap. 4. 38 Aristotle, De interpretatione, trans. J. L. 16226—8; cf. i6a5 —8. 63; Sextus Empiricus, Adversus mathematicos, VIII. 70. 40 An expressible is not a universal concept; it is an object that subsists as a rational image.

P. 14. 7 Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers (Loeb Classical Library, 1925), VII. 72. " 8 The truth-conditions for conjunctions are as we would expect. According to both Sextus and Epictetus, a Stoic conjunction is true just in case all of its conjuncts are true. It is false if even one conjunct is false. 9 Although the Stoic accounts both of what a conjunction is and of its truth-conditions are just what Geach and, for that matter, contemporary linguists and logicians accept, neither was uncontroversial in antiquity.

Nevertheless, he had excluded logic, for logic deals essentially with the nature of science and scientific method but does not examine a particular area of reality. In this respect it is different from metaphysics, which is concerned with being as being; from physics, which is concerned with the sensible world and its becoming; from psychology, which is concerned with the human soul and its various activities; and from ethics, which is concerned with moral conduct and happiness. 27 In Stoic thought the situation is different.

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