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By Prof.Dr. med. Rudolf F. Guthoff, Christophe Baudouin MD, Phd, Prof.Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Stave (auth.)

Confocal microscopy with laser scanning know-how yields in-vivo pictures of ocular and ocular adnexal surfaces which are so amazing that they rival histology by way of quality.This certain atlas and textbook demonstrates general in-vivo anatomy of the cornea, limbus and conjunctiva, quantifies quite a few mobile buildings utilizing cell-density calculations and establishes correlations among novel optical sections of assorted illnesses of the ocular floor and scientific findings. moreover, it helps the translation of novel high-magnification optical sections through evaluating corneal and conjunctival imprint cytology with in-vivo photographs and describes early inflammatory adjustments in corneal grafts, in addition to corneal conjunctivalisation in limbal stem cellphone deficiency, corneal dystrophies or infections, flap interface and margin features after laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK). moreover, it instructs the reader approximately diagnostic and healing follow-up recommendations and gives a short advent to purposes in different fields akin to dentistry and ear, nostril and throat surgery.

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2 Pathological Findings a Fig. 45 Trephinates freshly obtained in cases of Fuchs corneal dystrophy, stained with calceinAM/ethidium homodimer and evaluated by confocal microscopy. 0, objective b (water-immersion) ¥60, average 32. 82, objective (water-immersion) ¥60, average 16 57 58 Chapter 5 Confocal Laser Scanning In Vivo Microscopy a b c d Fig. 46 a–h Status 4 weeks after corneal erosion. External z-scan through the corneal epithelium, no nerves can be visualized. a Oblique section through the epithelium/anterior stroma.

In light of this theory, the present data on LCs in the human cornea provide a helpful basis for further investigations in ocular pathology. 1 Dry Eye a b c Fig. 8 In vivo confocal microscopic images, representing different forms of Langerhans cells. a Individual cell bodies without processes. b Cells bearing dendrites. c Cells arranged in a meshwork via long interdigitating dendrites Disturbances of tear film secretion or tear film structure give rise to a condition known as dry eye. On microscopy such disturbances are evident as altered reflection or dry spots on the epithelium.

1 Ex vivo: Blood, concentrated; rouleaux phenomenon 26 Chapter 4 Ex Vivo Applications a b c d Fig. 2 Blood. a–c Erythrocytes, different concentrations. 2 Pathogenic Microorganisms a Fig. 3 Leukocytes: diluted separation b Fig. 2 Pathogenic Microorganisms Fig. 5 Acanthamoeba. Ex vivo (a) and in vivo (b) confocal images showing microcysts (cystic stage of life cycle), which are round and up to 10 µm with double-walled structure. c In vivo confocal image of anterior stroma (depth 93 µm) with several Acanthamoeba microcysts c 27 28 Chapter 4 Ex Vivo Applications a Fig.

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