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Read or Download Application of Holography and Hologram Interferometry to Photoelasticity: Lectures Held at the Department for Mechanics of Deformable Bodies PDF

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Soc. , 55 (12), [1] 1593, Dec. 1965. A. Stetson and R. L. Powell, "Interferometric Hologram Evaluation and Real-Time Vibration Analysis of Diffuse Objects", J. Opt. Soc. Am. , 1965. A. L. Powell, "Hologram Interferometry",J. Opt. Soc. , 1966. P. A. , 1966. P. Hildebrand, "Surface Deformation Measurement Using the Wavefront Reconstruction Technique", Appl. ,1966. E. Fourney, ·~pplication of Holography to Photoelasticity", Exp. , 1969. D. Hovanesian, V. Brcic, and R. L. Powell:_,_"A New Stress-Optic Method: Stress-Holo-Interferometry", Exp.

The isopachics pattern, obtained by double expos~ re (the third beforementioned prototype hologram) is the result of the change in optical thickness of the model due to applied external load. It is important to note here that only the change in optical thickness that occurs between the two exposures is recorded. Hence, no restrictions are placed on the model, such as flatness or paralel faces (what is, however, very important in classical interferometry). Application of Holography to Photoelasticity The major limitation of the holographic method is the rigid-body motion is also recorded.

Jio) is the isochromatic fringe information characteristic of the terminal load. Tt is identical with the total information available from the second prototype hologram. 5) are typical of one of the non-trivial practical advantages peculiar to the HI process. , neither in principle nor in practice. They are characterized as terms of coupling, cross-talk, comparisons, or interaction between optical inspections of events or processes which need not occur simulta neosly in time, but merely nearly identically in three-dimensional space.

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