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Classic 1937 whole guide for the home-workshop fanatic with specified operating drawings and directions for making toys, novelties, carrying gear, types, furnishings, and extra. The identify "C. ok. Maddox - Atlanta, Ga." is written within the entrance. a quick word additionally states that the e-book "came Dec. 19, 1940, from Montgomery Ward & Co."

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If you wish to, you can equip several types and sizes of cars for steering, because one may be removed and another substituted in a few minutes. To find the relative speed of the car in miles per hour, multiply the length of the belt in feet by 1 20 and divide by the wheel base of the car in inches. M. and by 60, and divide by 5,280. SYi' LONG LO over its front and its back. To make them do stunts, tum the handles half a turn in one direction and then half a turn in the other di­ rection. The faster you work, the faster they work.

In fact, all these pieces were made from the wire from a discarded electric light line and an old radio aerial. The expense was limited to ten cents for rosin-core solder and twenty cents for sealing wax, only half of which was used. A length of hard-drawn copper aerial wire can be purchased for twenty or twenty-five cents if you have no discarded wire of at least No. 1 2 gauge handy. If you use old wire, put it in the furnace to bum the insulation off and then brighten it up with a piece of emery cloth or sand­ paper.

The exact location of this hurdle with relation to the pockets should be determined after a few experi­ mental shots at the targets, because the size of the spring used and the diameter or weight of the balls will influence its posi­ tion. It should be placed so that the full force of the spring will easily carry the balls to the highest pockets. The wire for the net at the top of the game can also be obtained from a coat han­ ger. This frame is not at all essential to the game, but occasionally while shooting at the highest pockets the ball will carom off the panel and into the room.

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