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By C Guedes Soares; Joško Parunov

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Read or Download Advanced ship design for pollution prevention : proceedings of the International Workshop "Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention", Split, Croatia, 23-24 November 2009 PDF

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Indb 36 3/1/2010 7:11:01 PM δ F m = − g ∫∫∫ ρs (δ H∇) H z dV . (40) V Application of the modal superposition method leads to the modal variational equation N δ Fi m = − ∑ Cijmξ j δξi , (41) j =1 where Cijm = g ∫∫∫ ρs (hi ∇) hzj dV , (42) V are the gravity stiffness coefficients. Finally, the complete restoring stiffness coefficients are obtained by summing up its constitutive parts Cij = Cijp + Cijnh + Cijm . Figure 5. Barge test in waves. horizontal bending moment and torque, as function of wave period, T, implies that developed procedure can be used for ship hydroelastic analysis, Figures 6, 7 (Malenica et al.

The governing matrix differential equation for coupled ship motions and vibrations is deduced ) )  k + C − iω ( d + B(ω ) − ω 2 ( m + A(ω )  ξ = F, (44)   8 Numerical example For the illustration purposes, hydroelastic analysis of 7800 TEU VLCS is done, Figure 9. where k, d, and m are structural stiffness, damping and mass matrices, respectively, C is restoring stiffness, B(ω) is hydrodynamic damping, A(ω) is added mass, ξ is modal amplitudes, F is wave excitation and ω is encounter frequency.

2008b). Ug = In the above formulae symbols Q, M, T and Bw denote shear force, bending moment, torque and warping bimoment, respectively. Also, w, ϕ, ψ and ϑ are deflection, rotation of cross-section, twist angle and its variation, respectively. The submatrices, which are specified in (Senjanović et al. The stool strain energy is comprised of the bending, shear and torsional contributions kbs – bending—shear stiffness matrix kwt – warping—torsion stiffness matrix msb – shear—bending mass matrix mtw – torsion—warping mass matrix mst = mtsT – shear—torsion mass matrix.

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