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By P. Ciarlini, M. G. Cox, F. Pavese, D. Richter

This could be of curiosity to researchers in universities, examine centres and industries who're enthusiastic about measurements and wish complicated mathematical instruments to resolve their difficulties, and to whoever is operating within the improvement of those mathematical instruments. Advances in metrology depend upon development in medical and technical wisdom and in instrumentation caliber in addition to a greater use of complex mathematical instruments and within the improvement of latest ones. during this booklet, scientists from either the mathematical and the metrological fields trade their studies. commercial sectors comparable to instrumentation and software program, are inclined to make the most of this trade, considering metrology has a excessive effect at the total caliber of business items and utilized arithmetic is changing into a growing number of very important in commercial procedures.

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On the other hand, it is proved that all displacements, which leave a surface invariant, belong to the same subgroup. That subgroup is called the invariance subgroup of the surface. Then reciprocally, it is possible to feature all the surfaces using the subgroups, which leave them invariant. It is proved that there exist 7 subgroups for which a feature can be constructed (see table 1). 2 Definition of a Minimum Geometric Reference Set (MGRS) For each subgroup of the displacement group {D}, the class of globally invariant surfaces was highlighted where appropriate.

HOI,Pi}, otherwise otherwise -{El· {E} {E} -{E}. Cll: D,=D2 -{Cod. l P, - {Roo}. C4:0,E C12: I1P , D2 jDII1J>1 C9:D2 -{Roo}. o. {Tool. " . n-{TD,}· C5: CIO: otherwise otherwise C13: -{E}. _{E}. otherwise -{E}. {Op} C6: P,IIP2 -{Gpd. 1- C7 : otherwise -{Tol· C3: {Rol {So} CI: 0, =02 -{Sod. 8 C2: otherwise -{Ro }. Table 2 : Internal commutative composition law 32 ViewF Figure 1 :Two cylinders and one sphere represented using their respective MORSs That figure also shows the three relative positioning constraints which it may be established between those three elements: • the oriented constraint between D j and D2, C13 : Line D j ~ Line D2 angle and distance.

The MGRS is complex; it is made up of a line, the axis of the helix, and this line is oriented by the orientation of the helix. For such a displacement all the Cartesian coordinate system, using that plane and that direction as coordinate system, are none distinguishable, they are said to be equivalent. ~ Class e : Invariant surfaces for a single-axis rotation. The MGRS contains a line, (the axis of rotation itself), and a point of this axis. For such a displacement all the Cartesian coordinate system, using that axis as a coordinate system, are none distinguishable, they are said to be equivalent.

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