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4) are shown in Table 2. In this paper, Central profile has been adopted. 6 for first three models of beam having one and ten rigid regions. Table 2. 6 in published literature [8] and [9]. Mesh sensitivity analysis using Shell 99 Mesh sensitivity analysis was essential, in order to save computational time without affecting the solution. In analysis using ANSYS software, 10 rigid regions were used which were equally spaced along beam. The permissible values of Edge Sizes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 60.

Studied the behaviour of fatigue crack growth in metals. Robinson and co-workers [10] presented fatigue driven delamination for the laminated composites for cyclic load, varying between maximum and zero values. The work of Robinson for fatigue damage evolution is a function of relative displacement of adjacent layers. 38 Advanced Materials for Applied Science and Technology However the fatigue damage evolution law proposed in this paper is a function of thermodynamic forces Ydi (also called damage energy release rate) and of critical damage energy release rate Yc [8].

The curve ‘thermal’ corresponds to thickness after variation due to change in temperature and ‘cure shrinkage’ curve which is difference of total thickness and thermal contribution corresponds to thickness changed due to cure shrinkage of resin. It can be observed that the cure shrinkage varies linearly with degree of cure. The slope of cure shrinkage when divided by initial thickness results in a constant said to be ‘volume coefficient of chemical shrinkage (CCS)’. 068. 26 Advanced Materials for Applied Science and Technology Fig.

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