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By Barbara A. Somervill

Find out what it takes to make it within the aggressive international appearing.

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Exaltation refers to spirit. Your acting needs to stem from a creative spirit, a connection to your inner self. Finally, it is all about entertainment, and that is not your entertainment but the audience’s entertainment. Acting is making a connection to other people, bringing them joy, fear, excitement, and sorrow. ” 21ST CENTURY CONTENT Remember that acting is a business. Actors must sell their talent, looks, and personality. Actors who limit their skills to one character type will not get much work.

On one page, I might have to play a grandmother, a father, and a child. ” Recording audiobooks is not easy. “You learn as you go,” Kiley explains. “You do your homework, learn how to pronounce specific words or names, and you rehearse on your own. ” Kiley reads both adult and children’s books. She enjoys the challenge and variety of her job. Hank Stone is on his way to a night shoot near Tampa, Florida. Stone teaches speech and theater at Seminole State College of Florida and schedules movie roles in between his teaching duties.

Jobs may take one day, several months, or even years. Most actors have long periods when they are out of work. Many take on other jobs to help pay the bills. A television commercial takes a day or two to shoot. It takes several weeks or months to shoot a movie. Unless you are one of the stars, you would only work part of that time. Broadway plays and touring companies provide jobs for months and even years. It can be challenging to perform the same role hundreds of times and always play it as though it were opening night.

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