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By Alexander Nemerov

What can the functionality of a unmarried play on one particular evening let us know in regards to the international this occasion inhabited so in short? Alexander Nemerov takes a functionality of Macbeth in Washington, DC on October 17, 1863—with Abraham Lincoln in attendance—to discover this query and light up American artwork, politics, expertise, and lifestyles because it was once being lived. Nemerov’s suggestion is Wallace Stevens and his poem “Anecdote of the Jar,” within which a unmarried item organizes the desert round it within the awareness of the poet. For Nemerov, that evening’s functionality of Macbeth reached around the tragedy of civil warfare to recognize the horrors and vacancy of an international it attempted and finally did not change.

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In world-changing aspiration, her performance was like the drop of a heavy stone in the water, sending out circle after concentric circle of radiating eªect. Yet the very uniformity of applause her performance elicited was as a handful of pebbles thrown into that same water—a chaos of indiscriminate energies, everyone taking from her what they might. Throw into that same water a handful of sand and the now infinite particulars of Washington and the surrounding countryside on October 17 become visible: thousands of tiny circles spreading and shifting and dissolving in a pool where the single stone struggles and fails to make its radiance clear.

Was this her morbid speed, that of a person who could be the bullet and the photograph (and even the telegraph with news of the death the bullet caused) all in one devastating extension of the self ? Then she would send messages with the force to petrify even remote persons. Cushman’s aim, however, was somewhat diªerent. It was neither exactly morbid nor exactly decorous. In turning the world symbolically to stone, she did not wish to make a morgue. Neither did she wish to make spirit sculptures or tableaux of genteel deportment.

94 Photography kept pace with this penchant for self-freezing, adding an especially morbid dimension. By the late 1850s the new medium could make even the busiest street as eerily still as Bridges’s Marble Isle. “It is the oriental 40 a stone’s throw Fig. 14. Boston Music Hall organ, with Thomas Crawford’s Beethoven in front on left, ca. 1863–84. From New England Conservatory of Music Archives, Boston, Massachusetts. Fig. 15. Broadway on a rainy day, ca. 1860. 9 cm). Courtesy of George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York.

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