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By Elaine Viets

Somebody has killed Halley Hardwicke, the new younger dressmaker of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, within the mall parking lot-and police have their eye on Jake, the husband of Josie's ally Alyce. The couple lived close to the wrap maven, however it turns out Halley and Jake have been a bit too neighborly. So Josie comes to a decision to do what she does top to assist out her friend-go undercover and notice if she will be able to locate a few clues. simply because this time, there is a lot extra at stake than a headscarf, no matter if it is to die for...

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She couldn’t wear a scarf that made her stand out. She traced the swirling bird-and-bluebell design with a manicured finger. Like all good designs, it was simple yet sophisticated. "Josie, quit fondling that scarf before security picks us up," Alyce said. "It’s pretty. " "I could buy a whole drawerful of knives there for the same price," Josie said. Alyce winced. "OK, so I’m conventional. " Josie held the blue and white scarf against Alyce’s milk white skin. The fabulous scarf turned her eyes into sapphire smoke and her pale hair into platinum silk.

Poor Claire," she said. "She was on the dance committee with Halley. She’s taking her death very hard. A carjacking. " She made a show of checking her watch. "Look at the time. I have to pick up Amelia at school. " She ran outside before the wrong words slipped out. Back in her car, she fumed. Did Alyce really believe that money could protect her from crime? As Josie backed out of the four-car garage, she could hear Alyce’s phone ringing again. Probably another neighbor. The Wood Winds women were stunned by Halley’s murder.

He can get to my pipes," Josie whispered. " "Quiet," Alyce hissed. She was rosy with embarrassment. Mike returned with a gray toolbox and a wary expression. "We’re having a frittata," Alyce said. " Josie choked. Alyce kicked her. "No thanks," Mike said. "I had lunch already. " He looked around the kitchen. " "I do," Josie said. "I love the special sauce. " Where did that come from? Mike’s eyebrows shot up. "As a beauty aid," Josie added. " Alyce had such a bad coughing fit that Josie had to pound her on the back.

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