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By Temba Alfred Qabula, Karin Pampallis, Edward Webster

It's a nice privilege to release our sequence with A operating existence, merciless past trust, by means of Alfred Temba Qabula, with a brand new Foreword through the unique translator, BE Nzimande. Qabula was once a vital determine within the cultural flow between operating people who emerged in and round Durban within the Nineteen Eighties. It used to be an leading edge try and draw at the oral poetry constructed one of the Nguni humans over many centuries. Alfred Temba Qabula was once a forklift motive force within the Dunlop tyre manufacturing unit in Durban on the time this publication was once constructed. He used the paintings of telling tales to critique the exploitation of black employees and their oppression lower than apartheid. He used to be a grassroots highbrow, most sensible understood as an natural highbrow, a idea constructed by means of the Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci.

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