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If the information regarding the amount of diffuse vs. localized loss and the relative rate of change of each can be quantified and then reduced to a simple number, the clinician can assess valuable information about each of these parameters at a glance. The basic global field indices 1. Mean deviations (MD) 3. Pattern standard deviation (PSD) 2. Short term fluctuation (SF) 4. 13 To understand global indices we should have clear concept on hill of vision. In the normal visual field the fovea is the highest retinal sensitivity point.

38 A VISUAL FIELD EVALUATION WITH AUTOMATED DEVICES ZONE 2- FOVEAL THRESHOLD AND RELIABILITY INDICES Foveal Threshold and Visual Acuity It may be useful to measure foveal threshold at the very beginning of the test. If the patient is not properly focused on the interior of the bowl, the foveal sensitivity will be reduced along with the remainder of the field. If the patient has good visual acuity and significant reduction in the foveal threshold then the technician should become alert to know that the optical correction is not correct.

For example, the 30-2 central field with Full Threshold strategy, 30-2 central field- SITA standard, 30-2 central field SITA Fast and central field 30-2 FAST PAC. Like that the 24-2 central fields and 10-2 central fields test can be done with all these strategies. Please note that both SITA Standard SITA Fast testing strategies are not available for macular program and nasal step field test point patterns. 4 P O I N T P A T T E R N S Full threshold FAST PAC SITA standard SITA fast 30-2 Central field 30-2 Full Threshold 30-2 FAST PAC 30-2 SITA-Standard 30-2 SITA Fast 24-2 Central field 24-2 Full Threshold 24-2 FAST PAC 24-2 SITA-Standard 24-2 SITA Fast 10-2 Central field 10-2 Full Threshold 10-2 FAST PAC 10-2 SITA-Standard 10-2 SITA Fast Macular program Macular program Full Threshold Macular program FAST PAC Nasal step Nasal step Full Threshold Nasal step FAST PAC Both-SITA Standard SITA Fast testing strategies are not available for Macular program and Nasal Step Field Test Patterns.

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