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The term “control” is also used to describe the numerical arrangement of the channels or dimmers that regulate instrument intensity. When a light plot is constructed, the lighting designer decides which instruments will operate together, which separately, and how they will numerically relate to each other. Their arrangement is documented in a form called a hookup. The word “hookup” is an anachronism carried over from the days of manual road boards. The physical action of plugging cables into the ­dimmers meant the cables were being “hooked up” or “patched” to the dimmer boards.

Area frontlight instruments are often evenly distributed at matching angles across a cover or batten, for example. If a diagonal frontlight wash originates from the box boom position, on the other hand, the system can be called a box boom wash. Frontlight originating from below eye level is called low frontlight. ” When straight frontlight is the sole source of facial illumination, it is sometimes perceived as creating a relatively “flat” appearance from the audience. The performer’s face is solely shaped by the shadows that are created, relative to the vertical height between the instrument and the performer’s head.

19 The power formula (or the “West Virginia” f­ ormula) is based on the three related attributes of electricity: amperage, wattage, and voltage. The formula, usually displayed in three variations, shows the relationship between these three attributes: W = V × A Wattage equals voltage multiplied by amperage. This arrangement is how the formula is often memorized (W. Va). W V W V= A Amperage equals wattage divided by voltage. A= Voltage equals wattage divided by amperage. If two of the factors are known, the third attribute can be determined by using these formulas.

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