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By Chris Cavender

For the reason that part town observed Judson inflicting a ruckus in A Slice of enjoyment prior to he expired, Eleanor and her saucy sister, Maddie, are the top suspects. the single means out is to turn out their innocence. quickly, a bit surreptitious sleuthing finds that the dough in the back of Judson's drawing close pizzeria got here from trees Ridge's resident recluse: crusty oddball millionaire Nathan Pane. It seems he is Judson's long-lost uncle...and anyone is after him, too. As Eleanor digs deeper, her suspect checklist grows longer than the neighborhood soccer team's pizza order - and existence within the as soon as quiet city heats up like Maddie's five-alarm Volcano pie. may well it's Judson's gold-digging sister? Or her mystery boyfriend? among engaged on the case, holding her clients chuffed, or even discovering time for an past love, Eleanor's plate is complete. yet with an unhinged assassin final in, she'll need to movement in a short time - and extremely rigorously - as the killer is already a lot nearer than she thinks...

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What on earth was going on now? I slid the latest pizza onto the conveyor and walked out. Judson Sizemore was in the middle of my pizzeria, handing out what had to be notices of his grand opening. It appeared that he wasn’t going to wait for me to attack first. He was coming straight for me before I had a chance to do a thing. “You need to leave,” I said as I approached him. “I already told him that,” Maddy said, her face flushed with anger. ” I looked around the restaurant to see who was witnessing this confrontation.

I suppose you two are ready to go confront Judson Sizemore again,” I said. “That’s one way to go,” Josh said, and I marveled again about just how much he looked like his father had at that age. ” Both young men went straight to the new pizza before I could warn them about its combustible properties. ” Josh asked as he took a piece and smelled it. I’d noticed that about him long ago, an odd habit indeed: Nothing went into that boy’s mouth until he smelled it first, and if it didn’t pass his sniff test, he refused to eat it.

We could name a pizza after the winner for a week, like Bob’s Specialty Pizza. ” I asked. Josh shrugged, but Maddy answered, instead. “If we play it right, it could. We can put the winner’s name in the window, and make a big deal out of it. Kids from the high school would love it, and even some of your older customers might get a kick out of having their names up on the wall. We can even keep track of the winners by keeping a master list posted all the time. ” I nodded and looked at Greg. ” “It’s a start, though,” I said.

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