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By Kent M. Van De Graaff, David A. Morton, John L. Crawley

This full-color atlas is designed for all scholars taking separate or built-in classes in human anatomy and body structure. This atlas can accompany and increase any human anatomy, human body structure or mixed human anatomy and body structure textbook. it really is designed to be of specific price to scholars in a laboratory state of affairs and will both accompany a laboratory handbook or, in sure classes, it might function the laboratory guide.

Great care has long gone into the guidance of this photographic atlas to supply scholars with an entire set of images for every of the human physique structures. Cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection also are integrated for these scholars who've the chance to do related dissections as a part of their laboratory requirement. furthermore, photos of a sheep middle dissection also are integrated.

A visible stability is accomplished among many of the degrees on hand to watch the constitution of the physique. thoroughly categorized, informative figures are depicted essentially and thoroughly. The phrases utilized in this atlas are those who are authorized and advised by way of the Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA).

Some of the alterations for this new version comprise a brand new paintings application, new vertebrate dissection pictures (new specimens have been dissected to acquire larger caliber pictures of the muscular and organ systems), and a brand new complete web page center valve/cardiac cycle determine. 3-hole drilled.

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Lumbar vertebra 19. Radius 20. Ulna 21. Coccyx 22. Metacarpal bones 24. Phalanges 25. 4 An anterior view of the fetal skull. 1. Anterior fontanel 6. Parietal bone 2. Anterolateral fontanel 3. Frontal suture 8. Nasal septum 4. Mandible 10. 5 A lateral view of the 1. Parietal bone 2. Area of lambdoidal suture 3. Occipital bone 4. Posterolateral fontanel 5. Temporal bone 6. Anterior fontanel 7. Frontal bone 8. Area of coronal suture 3 1 fetal skull. 9. Anterolateral fontanel 10. Nasal bone 11.

Permanent first molar 3. Deciduous second molar 4. Permanent first molar 5. Permanent second molar 6. Permanent second premolar 7. Permanent second premolar 8. Permanent canine 9. Deciduous first molar 10. Permanent first premolar 11. Deciduous canine 12. Incisors 13. Deciduous canine 14. Deciduous first molar 15. Permanent canine 16. 25 A medial view of the jaws and teeth. 26 The curvature of the vertebral column. 1. Cervical curvature 2. Thoracic curvature 3. Lumbar curvature 4. 27 A posterior view of the vertebral column.

1. Lumen of secretory portion 2. Myoepithelial cell 3. 10 Hair follicle. Epidermis 2. Sebaceous glands 3. Arrector pili muscle 4. Hair follicle 5. 11 An electron micrograph of a hair emerging from a hair follicle. Shaft of hair (note the scale-like pattern) 2. Epithelial cell from stratum corneum 1 2 3 Chapter 5 Skeletal System: Axial The skeletal system of an adult human is composed of approximately 206 bones—the number varies from person to person depending on genetic variations. Some adults have extra bones in the skull called sutural (wormian) bones.

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