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I didn’t mean to disturb you, I wasn’t certain if you were a—” A piece of furniture, I almost said. ” The man had an attractive face, chiseled nose, fine lips, and wavy dark hair that was just a little too long in just the right way. His eyes were still closed. ” “Of course you are,” came the reply, heavy with weltschmerz. My eyes adjusted to the light, and I saw that the bulky lump was not a pile of coats, but a tall man wrapped in an enormous greatcoat and scarf. He pulled his hand out of his pocket, and, not getting up or opening his eyes, stuck it out in front of him, presumably for me to shake.

He paused and looked around. ” He ran down the regulations about photocopying, the hours the library was open, and the rest of the infrastructural details. ” I followed him upstairs, thinking about how most people view librarians; they are usually caricatured as stern old creatures out of touch with the rest of the world and with a need for control so great that it drives them to suck the life out of the fun of using a library. The worst librarians act like dragons sitting on a golden hoard, resenting you for threatening to disturb their carefully ordered world.

Harry left. Sasha led me to a carrel. ” A loud, metallic, grating noise from outside overrode her words. “Oh, drat, we’re still at the mercy of the workmen out there,” she informed me. ” “That’s it, it’s a mess and a racket and there’s been problems with the fire alarms with all their digging around. ” She put the annoyance aside and got back to business. “Now there may be a few other folks in and about. We have scholars who visit for a day and a couple of interns to help with the cataloguing and such.

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