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By Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Krkač, Kristijan; Wittgenstein, Ludwig

Ludwig Wittgenstein was once some of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. this article discusses his philosophical process in his later interval, occasionally often called morphology

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Baker that the concept of perspicuous presentation is not itself so perspicuous, then one should try to make it more perspicuous using precisely such ordinary language. The expression itself, which is “a perspicuous presentation,” is in fact clear description or simply synopsis (surely it is not an abridgement). Conversely, are the words clear, as well as are the phenomena clearly described, are another issues (PI 24). e. being intensely affected, influenced and above all inspired by Wittgenstein’s texts.

If yes, then it must be the case that one sees a small black round “on” the big white background. ). Leaving this issue aside, one could also say that (1) and (2) could be claimed without claiming (4) or even (5), since (4) and (5) claim that: ● is this ● is the same as to claim: This ● is a small black round, which is not the fact. Nevertheless, what one sees can be described as being small, coloured, and round under particular circumstances which are completely implicit or presupposed in our imagining, thinking, seeing, and talking.

7. From a dot to a line. 11) can be seen in quite different ways, that is as a snake, hills, dunes, or as sea waves. Nevertheless, unlike the case of a dot, in this case there is no direct, clear, and unambiguous answer to the question which is the correct description of the drawing, and which are aspects of it. For instance, the description a rhythmically curved black line is not such description, or at least it is not clearer than descriptions like sea waves, dunes, or hills. However, one should not forget neither movement nor so to speak, the dynamism of a line like the one manifested in the famous Edvard Munch painting Scream (especially in the lithographical version).

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