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My family and I don’t want children. Ever. And so I chose to get a vasectomy.

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I wanted a vasectomy, I was 42 years old when I first told my doctor. She stated i ought to wait, simply to ensure. My physician is more youthful than I am, and she had simply had her very first kid. My family and I don’t have any young ones, therefore the physician wished to be sure from the joys of parenthood that we didn’t prematurely preclude ourselves.

2 yrs later, we told the physician that my partner, Nicole, happens to be on birth prevention pills for some of her adult life. Our company is inside our 40s, so we had been specific we would not wish to have young ones. It had been time for me personally to keep the duty of preventing pregnancy, and because i possibly could not do so chemically, it could need to be medical. And permanent.

Vox First individual: Why i am too selfish to own young ones

For making the choice to just simply take this extreme action of surgically changing my reproductive functioning — after which following through I realized that preventing pregnancy is a pain with it. Continue reading