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Kosovo’s Bridge To Russia

Bridges are supposed to link individuals, but the main one over the Ibar River in Kosovo is certainly a device of separation, utilized by ethnic Serbs to keep isolation through the Albanian bulk in southern Mitrovica.

Parapets and barricades had impeded usage of one other side since 1999. Now, whilst the bridge becomes passable once more, Russia seems to be stepping directly into preserve the real and divide that is political symbolized with its ruinous state.

Russian impact is seen at every change in North Mitrovica. Russian flags hang over balconies, while portraits of Vladimir Putin and graffiti honoring the alliance that is serbian-Russian every-where.

The leadership that is political of Kosovo Serbs boasted of getting been summoned to Moscow for “consultations” ahead of current neighborhood elections (October 22), claiming to own forged closer ties with United Russia. It appears that Moscow happens to be the location of choice for Serbian politicians elections that are facing in the entire process of developing a government — whether in Serbia or in Kosovo.

For Russia, north Kosovo is beneficial given that it permits Moscow to seem once the protector of little effort to its Balkan Slavic cousins, very nearly by standard. The fact since 2013 Serbia happens to be involved with discussion utilizing the Kosovar federal government under EU auspices sometimes appears as betrayal by Kosovo Serbs as it kills the impression that Mitrovica continues to be somehow a right component of Serbia. Experiencing abandoned, many Serbs in north Kosovo instinctively seemed to Russia. As soon as the high-level speaks between Belgrade and Pristina started, local Serbs demanded citizenship that is russian that has been needless to say impractical, but reveals the depth of the frustration. Continue reading