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A married relationship Certificate is just a appropriate record of the wedding that were held in Nova Scotia.

The certification might be applied as evidence of marriage. A wedding certification is only able to be granted for a married relationship that’s been registered by Vital Statistics.

Submit an application for a Wedding Certification. A wedding Certificate is a appropriate record of the wedding that happened in Nova Scotia.

Evidence of marriage

A married relationship certificate might be properly used as evidence of wedding.

Certification platforms

Agencies and companies often need evidence of wedding. You may get A quick kind Marriage Certificate or A form marriage that is long Certificate. a quick kind includes the names of this few additionally the host to wedding. a form that is long the exact same information while the brief kind, in addition to extra facts about the few in addition to host to marriage. It’s your duty to test aided by the organization or agency to verify the certification format you need.

Certificates that demonstrate X as being an intercourse indicator may never be accepted by all agencies and businesses. It’s your duty to check on utilizing the agency or company to ensure exactly exactly what information they accept.

Wedding Enrollment

Vital Statistics needs to join up a marriage before a married relationship certification may be given.


A married relationship certification is really a appropriate record of the marriage that were held in Nova Scotia. To try to get a married relationship certification, the marriage will need happened in Nova Scotia and also you need certainly to satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • you’re known as regarding the certification
  • you’re an attorney focusing on behalf of someone called regarding the certification
  • you’ve got written authorization from an individual named from the certificate

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