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A wider view of the labor market tells a much different tale. 26.8% of women work in low-wage jobs in New York; for example, women dominate service and care industries, with average annual wages of $ 26,200 (2014) and $20,490, respectively. The median income for women in the state is $43,800-and they’re making less than 88% of what men make. And within these low-wage sectors, there’s incredible racial disparity: African American child care workers make almost twice what Latina childcare workers earn ($21,400 compared to $11, 200).

By contrast, in other countries that frequently deal with parents leaving the country for work, like the Philippines, there are counseling services set up to help families before a parent or parents depart and manuals for schools to make teachers aware of the issues these children face, says Knaus of UNICEF.

It was my first week back after the jaunt in Japan and I was actually looking forward to meeting some normal non-Asian women again. Thursday evening rolled around and I fancied doing a few sets after work but at the same time I really didn’t fancy going into central again- I felt like a change. 5pm finally came and I thought to myself why don’t I just hit up my area, it’s always so busy after work anyway”. I live near a very busy, pretty central station so it can be decent for Daygame anyway; we don’t always have to rely on hitting the same streets of central all the time.

36. The effects of sanctions imposed by Presidents Obama and Trump and unilateral measures by Canada and the European Union have directly and indirectly aggravated the shortages in medicines such as insulin and anti-retroviral drugs. To the extent that economic sanctions have caused delays in distribution and thus contributed to many deaths,

sanctions contravene the human rights obligations of the countries imposing them.Moreover, sanctions can amount to crimes against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. An investigation by that Court would be appropriate, but the geopolitical submissiveness of the Court may prevent this.